Inherently thoughtful and highly intelligent

Inherently thoughtful and highly intelligent

I’m tough on realtors, I know. When I bought my first house, I went through 3 realtors over the span of 8 months. And when I just sold my home, I interviewed 4 before ultimately hiring David.

Most important in a relationship is for a realtor to represent my interests exactly, which means thoroughly understanding where I’m coming from and why I’m choosing this path. Such understanding comes not only from experience and familiarity, but listening and working through options.

But a great realtor is not a “yes man” or an echo; he is someone who actively provides suggestions, alternatives, and advice. I need insight that only a full-time professional would have – and better yet, someone who is inherently thoughtful and highly intelligent.

I hired David Schlichter after a long interview and several follow-up conversations. I was impressed with his command of the market and strategic approach. Fortunately, those first impressions were magnified over the two months we worked together, with consistently well-reasoned argument and effective representation throughout.

He’s a great realtor, and I highly recommend him to all my friends.

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